Business Processes & Technology

Business Processes & Technology

Processes, technologies, and systems that are in perfect alignment with your strategy

Create a future- and investment-proof foundation for greater customer satis­faction and efficiency. We put your business processes and system landscape to the test and make you fit for tomorrow – and the day after.

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Our Promise

We connect your business processes, appli­ca­tions, inventory systems and technologies into a perfectly integrated solution. Gain greater efficiency, better data management and more flexi­bility to meet future challenges.

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Experience that pays off. Our approach to process and technology digiti­zation

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We are your partner for a neutral & lasting system and service provider selection

Deep Dive

Our services in detail

Devel­opment of vision, target image and strategy – for IT and beyond

The path to a future-proof and investment-friendly system landscape starts with a clear strategy and vision for your company’s devel­opment. Your systems and processes should not only map and optimize existing business processes, but should also be designed to be flexible and to support your future strategy. As a decision maker, you would do well to consider planned business changes, to deal with digital trends and technologies (such as artificial intel­li­gence, data strategies and automation), and regulatory require­ments (such as the GDPR) .

Only those who are aware of the potential changes in future business processes, can make informed and investment-safe IT decisions that will secure compet­itive advan­tages for the company in the long term. We work with you to develop the corner­stones of your vision and strategy and derive a concrete target picture — as strategy and technology consulting in close inter­action.

Auditierung beste­hender Prozesse, Systeme und IT-Architek­­turen

Es ist ein bekanntes Szenario: Die Fachabteilung beklagt sich über eine träge und umständliche IT-Landschaft, während IT-Veran­t­­wortliche über unreal­is­tische Geschäft­san­forderungen den Kopf schütteln, die die aktuellen IT-Systeme überfordern und zu umständlichen “Verrenkungen” zwingen.

In solchen Situa­tionen kann ein neutraler Experten­blick auf die Geschäft­sprozesse und zugrun­deliegenden IT-Systeme wertvolle Erken­nt­nisse liefern. Wir analysieren Ihre beste­hende IT‑, Daten- und Prozess­land­schaft mit ganzheitlichem Blick auf das fachliche Zielbild. Dadurch können wir Poten­ziale und Grenzen in ihren derzeitigen Prozessen, Systemen und Daten frühzeitig erkennen und diese Rahmenbe­din­gungen unmit­telbar in die nachfol­gende Konzeption mit einfließen lassen. Dadurch, dass wir Business­prozesse und Technologie stets zusammen unter die Lupe nehmen und bewerten, schaffen wir für Strategie und Konzeption einen Korridor, der zukunfts- und investi­tion­ssicher ist. Durch die Anwendung verschiedener Bewer­tungsmethoden lassen sich konkrete Schwach­stellen identi­fizieren und unabhängige Handlungsempfehlungen ableiten.

Auditing of existing processes, systems and IT archi­tec­tures

It’s a familiar scenario: the business department complains about a sluggish and cumbersome IT landscape, while IT managers shake their heads at unreal­istic business require­ments that demand too much of current IT systems and force them to perform cumbersome “contor­tions”.

In such situa­tions, a neutral expert view of the business processes and under­lying IT systems can provide valuable insights. We analyze your existing IT, data and process landscape with a holistic view of your business goals. This enables us to identify the potential and limita­tions of your current processes, systems and data at an early stage and to incor­porate these framework condi­tions directly into the subse­quent conceptual design. By always examining and evalu­ating business processes and technology together, we create a corridor for strategy and design that is future- and investment-proof. By applying various evalu­ation methods, specific weaknesses can be identified and independent recom­men­da­tions for action can be derived.

Imple­men­tation of a neutral system and service provider selection process

Whether CRM, PIM, store systems, CMS, DWH, CDP, or other IT systems: Choosing the right IT solution and the right service provider is a key success factor for the future viability of your company. With our proven approach, we guide you through this process and help you select exactly the right IT systems, tools and service providers for your specific needs — neither too big nor too small — for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Our selection process is neutral, system-agnostic, audit-proof, and field-tested. And of course, we work closely with you to ensure that the process is truly aligned with your business goals. This ensures that we fully under­stand your specific require­ments and needs, and that the selection is tailored to you.

Our deliv­er­ables include a detailed, compre­hen­sible assessment and a clear recom­men­dation for future systems and service providers. Our broad market overview and our experts’ deep under­standing allow us to ensure a perfect fit between your strategy, your processes, and the systems and service providers you need.

Control and monitoring of imple­men­tation and system intro­duction

In contrast to many other consulting firms, a digital­ization project with elaboratum is usually not finished after the strategic conception and the selection of the optimal systems and service providers. Because experience shows: The moment of truth often comes during the opera­tional imple­men­tation of the projects. This is where strategy and concept meet hard reality — in the form of data, inter­faces, processes and systems.

To master these challenges, we accompany most of our customers through the critical imple­men­tation phase: Our experi­enced consul­tants act as your project manager, project management office (PMO), or product owner. In this way, we ensure that the strategies and concepts we develop with and for you actually unfold their full power in the opera­tional imple­men­tation. At the same time, through profes­sional project commu­ni­cation, pragmatic training and active knowledge transfer, we ensure that everyone is involved and that the necessary skills and knowledge are built inter­nally. For maximum satis­faction, genuine buy-in from your employees, and the widespread accep­tance that is the foundation for the success of your digital project.

Our Aspiration

We don’t like to talk about ourselves. But our customers do.

Christian Hausstätter

“In an inter­na­tional CRM project with different systems, processes and framework condi­tions, the level of complexity is enormously high. The expert team of elaboratum brought us to the next level in a struc­tured, neutral, passionate and, above all, successful way.”

Christian Hausstätter
Head of IT & Processes, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH
Jörg Hartig

“Excellent project management and person­alized advice on this complex IT & integration project. Great blend of business experience and technical expertise.”

Jörn Hartig
CDO, hagebau connect GmbH & Co. KG
Sabrina Zohren

“It was a very good feeling to have an experi­enced partner like elaboratum at our side for the IT strategy of the brand relaunch. The hands-on mentality was of great added value.”

Sabrina Zohren
Head of Marketing, Melitta

Let’s get down to business

Rainer, what does really matter?

After >1,000 projects for >350 customers, we know the real success factors in digital business: scalable technologies, a meaningful database and behav­ioral insights for true user under­standing. Whoever masters this wins the game.
Rainer Volland

Rainer Volland

Managing Partner