About us

About us

We are elaboratum, your digital consul­tancy.

elaboratum is digital consulting at the highest level — but different. We have grown from the realization that new thinking cannot be created in old struc­tures. Instead, we have developed a consulting approach for excellent digital projects that consis­tently focuses on people. And it works!

elaboratum Team

„So let’s hear it … Voilá!“

Our belief: Relation­ships are the key to your digital success. Because your customers, prospects, and employees have one thing in common: they are people. We help you under­stand them and use digital in a way that creates long-term, trusted relation­ships.

This requires the right strategies, data, technologies, processes, products and concepts. And the right people. That’s why we founded elaboratum as a consul­tancy that is different: close, collab­o­rative, trusting, creative. This allows us to bring experts with practical experience and top digital talents to your project, who can work with you on the big picture as well as on the imple­men­tation.

Together with you, we form a strong team that can tackle digital challenges more efficiently and effec­tively. Based on real relation­ships, we align sustainable action with business success.

We are elaboratum

Hands on: Working with experi­enced profes­sionals and digital top talents

Why elaboratum?

Since 2010, we have been helping to shape the face of the digital economy. Since then, we have created hundreds of shared success stories. Many of our consul­tants come from leadership positions on the client side. We bring all this to your project with full impact.

We let others dream, but we focus on real results. Our projects aim to create concrete benefits. If needed, we can take a closer look and make the necessary adjust­ments. Our goal is to help you succeed by addressing the challenges effec­tively and efficiently.

We don’t want to work for you, we want to work with you. Our conviction: Only when consulting takes place at eye level is there room for clear points of view — and even a “no” sometimes when good arguments speak against a project. We always take respon­si­bility for this and work hand in hand with you.

We operate our own research unit and a cooper­ative disser­tation program. Our close ties to the scien­tific community, combined with the latest frame­works, ensure new approaches that break with the status quo. Innovation takes place at all levels: in product devel­opment, in processes, in strategy or in methods.

Failure is not an option. We are committed to the success of your project and are proud of the long-term partner­ships we have with many of our clients. Despite various awards, this is the currency that counts for us. For us, success is not about meeting goals, it is about exceeding goals. We call this “Always +1”.

Sustain­ability has been a driving force for us since elaboratum was founded. In 2022, we had our carbon footprint verified by TÜV Süd for the first time (in accor­dance with ISO14064 and the GHG Protocol)! This shows that we take sustain­ability seriously and leave no room for green­washing. In fact, since 2020 we have been offsetting >10% more of our emissions than we cause. Read more in our sustain­ability report.

Our Principles

Working with a clear compass

Proactive consulting out of conviction

Consulting with a difference. We inspire our clients with both content and people skills.

Focus as a basis

Known how. We are excellent in our fields and thus create scope for the joint further devel­opment of elaboratum.

Point of View: Courage to take a stand

In plain language: We give the elaboratum brand a clear positioning through points of view and topics that move our customers and us.

Sustainable growth as an oppor­tunity

Growth with value. We grow sustainably, system­i­cally and by deepening value creation.

Learning organi­zation as leverage

Stay curious. We are a learning platform where everyone can develop according to their personal strengths.

When people achieve more together.

My elaboratum moment

Mirko Lauer

Mirko, the synonoym for good mood and heart of the Behav­ioral Design Team

Marco Schulz

Marco, digitalizes Switzerland with his team

Lara Rossi

Lara, with elaboratum in Cologne since 2022

Fabian Reinkemeier

Fabian, combines research and practice in Hamburg

Jasmin Altenhofen

Jasmin, CRM guru and fan of clear words

Consulting that is fun for everyone!

„We have not been surprised about this for a long time, customers in the first meetings already: ‚There’s loads of laughter at elaboratum …‘“

Siegerehrung des elaboratum Kickerturniers

Client: ‚How do you do that?‘

„Our clients tell us that we really do provide them with the perfect fit of consul­tants – every time. A real quote: ‚No matter who you bring in, they’re always good. Where do you get them?‘“

Marco Schulz

Consulting = elbows? Not here!

„At elab I experience really incredible projects that are really fun every day! And this in an honest team that supports each other – no elbowing, no rivalry.“

Sophie Schönenberger und Lara Rossi

Oppor­tunity provider & innovation driver

„At elaboratum, we have one credo: elaboratum is what you make of it. Innovation, business devel­opment, feeldgood ideas: Here our ideas are really taken seriously, here we are contrib­utors and not just employees.“

Fabian Reinkemeier im Interview

Surpis­ingly honest

„We had to smile the other day: A new colleague told me with surprise that, yes, it really is as they say here in the recruiting process. But for us, it goes without saying that we describe things exactly as they are – both inter­nally and exter­nally.“

Jasmin Altenhofen

Network & partners

Strong alone, unbeatable together!

Strong on its own, unbeatable in a network! We can support our retail clients with >170 experts and unique 360° consulting across the group: Our e‑commerce knowhow meets 50 years of retail experience (BBE) and deep retail real estate expertise (IPH).
Thorsten Harras

Thorsten Harras

Managing Partner